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Our team of creative professionals is dedicated to producing high-quality visual content that tells your brand's story. Our strategic marketing plans are meticulously crafted to elevate your online presence and boost your business.

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Welcome to Our Video Content Marketing Strategy:
Unlocking Success with Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Backlinks, and YouTube Ranking

With today's fast-paced digital landscape, video marketing has become a powerful tool for businesses looking to efficiently reach their target audience. To make sure the correct people watch your films you need to take a planned approach rather than just making movies. This is where our all-encompassing video marketing approach, which emphasizes crucial components like keyword research, social media marketing, backlinks, and YouTube ranking, comes into play.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any successful video marketing campaign. It's about understanding what your audience is searching for and tailoring your content to match those search queries. Our team of experts conducts in-depth keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-performing keywords for your niche.

By strategically incorporating these keywords into your video titles, descriptions, and tags, we ensure your content ranks higher in search results, making it more discoverable to your target audience. This fundamental step sets the stage for a successful video marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing:

Once your video is optimized with the right keywords, it's time to leverage the power of social media marketing. We create a customized social media strategy that aligns with your video content and engages your audience across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Our approach includes:

  • Content Promotion: We share your videos on your social media channels to maximize visibility.

  • Engagement: We foster meaningful interactions with your audience through comments, likes, and shares.

  • Community Building: We help you build a loyal following and foster brand loyalty.

  • Paid Advertising: We run targeted ad campaigns to reach a wider audience.

By effectively using social media, we not only expand your video's reach but also encourage user-generated content, testimonials, and discussions around your brand.


Backlinks play a crucial role in establishing your video's authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines. We implement a strategic backlink building plan that includes:

  • Guest Posts: We collaborate with authoritative websites and blogs to publish content related to your videos.

  • Video Embeds: We encourage other websites and blogs to embed your videos, increasing their exposure.

  • Link Building: We create high-quality, relevant backlinks to your video content, boosting its search engine ranking.

Our backlink strategy not only enhances your video's SEO but also builds trust and authority within your industry.

YouTube Ranking:

YouTube is a search engine in its own right, making YouTube ranking a vital aspect of our video marketing strategy.

Our YouTube optimization tactics include:

  • Thumbnail Optimization: Creating eye-catching thumbnails to increase click-through rates.

  • Engagement Metrics: Maximizing watch time, likes, and comments to improve video rankings.

  • Continuous Content: Consistent uploads and audience engagement to build a loyal subscriber base.

  • Metadata Refinement: Ongoing refinement of video titles, descriptions, and tags based on evolving trends and keyword performance.

Our goal is to ensure your videos not only appear in YouTube searches but also feature prominently in recommended videos, driving more organic views and subscribers to your channel.



We know that engaging videos are more emotion-provoking than just gorgeous photos, and as a result we've grown to become one of the leading video marketing companies in New Jersey. These videos, when created in a captivating manner, tell stories and these stories connect people. What happens when people feel connected? They are more inclined to support these businesses and causes that they feel more of a connection to. Therefore, Ashe Productions is here to connect people through the power of story in video.

The goal is to emotionally appeal to their audience, and modern marketers know that this is what is most effective. Most people make decisions based on how they feel and with their heart so it is extremely important to connect with people. This includes the way people make decisions to purchase products and services, or support a cause. Story is the universal language that captures the heart. If you aren’t using video marketing, you won’t move people in the way you wish to. That’s why we are the video marketing company NJ businesses turn to. 

Commercial video
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We believe video is a powerful asset to your business and the best way to make a connection with your audience. That's the most effective approach to establish a personal connection between your brand and your audience. Together, you and our team will create unique photography or video content that will capture your brand and draw in viewers. Together, let's create something incredible!


We don’t believe in taking shortcuts when it comes to producing exceptional and authentic video content. That’s why our unparalleled production crew relies on effective communication and works alongside you to arrive at a final piece of work that captivates your target audience. This is all offered at a competitive price. When it comes to Philadelphia and New Jersey video marketing and production, Ashe Productions is the go-to company. Let our experienced team handle all aspects of video production. 


As a video marketing agency in New Jersey, we are aware that your marketing efforts are largely based around high-quality video content as a method of communication, advertising and modern marketing. This could include social media content, branded video content, how-to videos, or even broadcast commercials. Our team at Ashe Productions is not only creative but a team that deeply knows the value of business and how that relates to the goals you would like to achieve.



Our group of creative marketers works in various ways to provide you the most value because we know that high-end video content is the key to successful paid advertising campaigns as well as organic SEO growth. We know that consumer audiences don’t want to be sold and that is why we designed our process and place our focus on the feeling behind the content.  

Engage your audience at every touchpoint with consistently fresh, distinctive and on-brand content that’s always worth sharing and that is also within your budget and delivered on time. We create high-converting content effortlessly. We've taken the guesswork out of content creation and have optimized our production process to effectively create high-quality content that gets your audience from point A to point B, whether you need an ebook for lead generation, a commercial video production campaign to stand out from the competition, recurring social media content to engage with your audience, or an info-graphic to raise brand awareness.


We like to learn more about your business and your project objectives before we start. We take the time to truly understand our clients and their goals before starting any project. We’ll begin with a consultation and proceed to scope and creative planning from there.

We will continue to collaborate closely with you at every stage of the project to fully comprehend your conceptual and aesthetic goals for the video. We continuously adjust our services to each individual project since there is no one-size-fits-all approach to video production. Opt for the complete package or select certain elements that align with your audience, message, and brand.


At Ashe Productions, we have worked for many years with brands both large and small, healthcare companies, marketing agencies and nonprofits to meaningfully and authentically engage with audiences through video content. We are a video production agency creating content with context. Click below to view our work!


The creative process behind making a video production can be lengthy, but the results are often worth it. Producing a high-quality video requires a number of phases, from storyboarding and scriptwriting to filming and editing. Pre-production is the planning phase of video production. It’s when you figure out what your video will be about, who your target audience is, and what style you want to use.  It includes market research, target audience analysis, and concept development. Once you have a clear concept for your video, our team will work with you to develop a script or storyboard. Next, the logistics of your video shoot should come into focus once you have a solid storyboard or script. It entails renting equipment, scheduling, and finding potential locations. 


Then comes the production and editorial phase. This involves the team creating and managing the overall look and feel of the project. We meet with the client to understand their vision, researching, sourcing footage, and then editing it all together into a cohesive final product. We want to ensure that every element of the project comes together seamlessly.


After the final product has been created and you are proud of the work, now it’s time to focus on having the video reach a wide audience and/or building brand credibility through earned media. Earned media refers to any exposure your video production receives through word-of-mouth or other organic means. It can range from social media buzz (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) to positive reviews and press coverage. 


If you’re looking for help making your video content, look no further than Ashe Productions, the New Jersey video production team with years of experience. We make videos that people want to watch, videos that engage and entertain audiences. Our team will work with you to develop a concept that fits your needs and budget, then produce a high-quality video that will get people talking.

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With so much content available, it can be difficult for businesses to actually stand out in the market. It takes more than just having a message to make it resonate. A brand may stay in the background, missing out on opportunities, losing sales, and failing to connect with consumers if the proper visuals and narrative aren't used. 

Our specialty is creating amazing videos that tell the story of your brand. We provide specialized marketing content that can educate your customers and boost sales for you. Give it to us to help you shine through the clutter and become more visible to your audience.


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